Provision Management

We are well aware that crew is inspired by food. Our task is to source quality provisions and products at affordable prices. Letting the Captain and the vessel management team take care of their daily ship management duties.
With years of experience in the supply sector, we have a strong understanding and awareness of multinational crew needs, and their consumption habits.

With this know-how, AVS will ensure that the vessel is on budget according to the recommended consumption quantities and that the crew members have a balanced diet as per MLC 2006 requirements. We manage and optimize the vessel's budget based on purchasing their products at the right time, and at the right location - whichever port they call. We track onboard stock, calculate the monthly consumption, and report it to the owners and vessels at the end of each month on a regular basis.

To provide the best possible service, we adopt the following:

  • Product variety to match the preferences of crew by nationality
  • Quality services with standardization in cost control of supplies
  • Change criteria based on port of call (Effective handling of Provision Management)
  • Inventory report
  • Ration Report
  • Manday Report
  • Closer alignment of budget management with the crew