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Onshore/Offshore Catering & Services

Onshore/Offshore Catering Services

Onshore/Offshore Catering & Services

Elevate Comfort and Culinary Excellence, Onshore and Offshore.

Transform your offshore and onshore environments into havens of comfort and taste with AVS Catering and Facilities Services. Our comprehensive range of services are designed to exceed your crew’s expectations, making them feel motivated and at home, while promoting health, happiness, and career growth.

Increased morale and satisfaction with delicious, high-quality food according to multinational dietary preferences
Food safety, hygiene, and nutrition in line with MLC 2006 standards
Health and wellbeing of staff to make them feel at home
Serving you with trained staff, such as cooks, stewards, and cleaning crew
Housekeeping, laundry, and sanitization services
Training and career development through our own education center
Advanced dashboard for reporting, forecasting, budget management, and inventory control
Reduced waste and operational costs
Rapid mobilization to serve you anywhere in the world
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  • Wide range of products at lower cost

    Your operational success is our commitment; contact us today to experience the AVS advantage.

    Reliable Services
    Flexible Solutions
    Global Network
    Sectors We Serve

    AVS provides reliable service with its extensive experience and strong relationships in the maritime sector. We aim to always offer our customers quality and reliable solutions.

    We offer flexible solutions tailored to the unique needs of each customer. AVS develops customized approaches to meet the demands of our customers.

    Offshore Catering

    We provide high-quality catering services to ensure that offshore personnel enjoy nutritious and delicious meals.

    Guest Services

    Comprehensive guest services to enhance the comfort and satisfaction of all visitors and personnel.

    Special Events

    Planning and organizing special events to meet the unique needs of offshore operations.


    Professional housekeeping services to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards in all living and working areas.

    Reception & Accommodation Management

    Efficient management of reception and accommodation to ensure smooth operations and comfortable living conditions.


    Providing regular maintenance services to ensure all facilities and equipment are in optimal condition.

    Offshore Education

    Offering educational programs and training to enhance the skills and knowledge of offshore personnel.

    AVS has a wide-reaching network, servicing over 1,500 ports worldwide. This global network enables us to deliver services to our customers quickly and efficiently.

    Countries and Ports We Serve

    Trade and Transport

    • Merchant Vessels
    • Tankers
    • Dry Bulks
    • Liners
    • Platform Supply Vessels
    • Container Ships
    • Ro-Ro Ships (Roll-on/Roll-off)

    Tourism and Passenger Transport

    • Cruises
    • Ferries
    • Yachts

    Energy and Oil Industry

    • Tankers
    • Drilling Vessels
    • Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO)
    • Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTS)
    • Pipe Lay Vessels / Barge
    • Offshore Support Vessels
    • Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) Vessels

    Scientific Research and Exploration

    • Seismic Research Vessels
    • Submersibles
    • Jackups
    • Semi Submersibles
    • Research Vessels

    Military and Government Services

    • Government Vessels
    • Patrol Vessels
    • Frigates
    • Submarines

    Environment and Marine Management

    • Dredgers
    • Environmental Research Vessels

    Logistics and Support Services

    • Tenders
    • Multi-Purpose Supply Vessel (MPSV)
    • Ship Managers
    • Salvage Vessels
    • Tugboats

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