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Our network

Source of our unmatched purchasing power

  • A strong network
  • Impeccable purchasing power
  • The capacity to reach anywhere with one single contact point
  • Cost-effective solutions for ship owners and ship managers

The relationships we have established with suppliers, distributors and manufacturers have helped us create a powerful network based on trust and mutual benefit.

0Dailiy Meal

Taste, Cleanliness and Safety.

Catering Services

On/Offshore Catering & Services

Our Services

Fast, Efficient, Reliable, Sustainable

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Catering Services

Sailing Beyond Taste,
at Excellence

Superior catering with global flavors,
unmatched quality everywhere.

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On/Offshore Catering

AVS Catering's kitchen is filled with fresh ingredients, each carefully selected.

Remote Camps

Our Remote Catering delivers tasty meals, making teams feel home.

Explore our network: Proud members of esteemed industry organizations.The Company
at your service, globally

1500+ Ports in 126 Countries


We've grown through decades of maritime excellence,

We've grown through decades of maritime excellence, continuously adapting to and serving the global industry's needs.


Our vision unites global maritime service with innovation,

Our vision unites global maritime service with innovation, reflecting our commitment to excellence in a borderless world.

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Our Team

Our team combines expertise and passion

Our team combines expertise and passion to drive maritime excellence, ensuring seamless service globally.


The partners of AVS are a big source of strength,

The partners of AVS are a big source of strength, when it comes to variety and proficiency of service.


Join us at AVS to become part of our powerful,

Join us at AVS to become part of our powerful, progressive team, shaping the future of maritime services.

Green Today, Greener Tomorrow



Eco-friendly Operations


Supply Chain Management


Digital Innovation


Education and Training


Environmental Initiatives

Eco-friendly Operations

We minimize environmental impact through smarter operations, waste reduction, and energy-saving practices across our global operations.

  • Smart operations for less impact.
  • Global waste reduction and energy savings.
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Supply Chain Management

Our partnerships are chosen with care, prioritizing suppliers who stand with us in our sustainability journey.

  • Partnerships aligned with sustainability goals.
  • Suppliers supporting our sustainability journey.
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Digital Innovation

We are committed to adopting advanced technologies and solutions that promote eco-friendliness and sustainability.

  • Embracing eco-tech for sustainability.
  • Advancing for a greener future.
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Education and Training

Empowerment through knowledge is a key step towards a greener future. Our educational programs are here to enlighten our workforce and clients.

  • Empowering with education for greener futures.
  • Enlightening programs for workforce and clients.
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Environmental Initiatives

We are an active participant in projects that protect and preserve marine ecosystems and promote sustainable development.

  • Active in projects for marine ecosystem protection.
  • Promoting sustainable development through action.
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AVS: Sailing Through Time

Navigating Excellence Since 1985


Established as a local supplier in Izmir.

1985 Local


AVS Global Supply established to serve clients all over the world.

2001 Global


Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG acquired a stake in AVS.

2022 Equity

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Our Network

Source of Our Purchasing Power

The relationships we have established with suppliers, distributors and manufacturers have helped us create a powerful network based on trust and mutual benefit.
Excellent Service

Benefits of AVS

Global network spans 1,500+ ports across 126 countries, ensuring comprehensive coverage even in the most remote corners of the world, facilitating seamless connectivity for all maritime operations.

at your service, globally.

Powerful Procurement Partnerships

Benefits of AVS

Our team of seasoned professionals, dedicated and available round-the-clock, stands ready to cater to your every need, ensuring prompt and efficient service delivery tailored to your requirements.

at your service, globally.

Powerful Procurement Partnerships

Benefits of AVS

Leveraging our economical purchasing power, we meticulously manage 800 to 1200 deliveries each month, continuously optimizing costs to maximize value for our clients.

at your service, globally.

Powerful Procurement Partnerships

Benefits of AVS

Tailoring bespoke solutions to precisely match the distinct needs of every client, our team goes above and beyond to ensure unparalleled satisfaction and success.

at your service, globally.

Powerful Procurement Partnerships
Our Standards

Our partners meet
rigorous standards.

  • Food Quality and ISO Certifications

    We prioritize food quality, adhering to ISO standards to ensure the highest levels of safety and excellence in our culinary offerings. Our commitment to ISO certifications underscores our dedication to providing nutritious and hygienic meals to our clients worldwide.

  • Operating Licenses

    AVS holds all necessary operating licenses, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. With our valid operating licenses, clients can trust that our services meet legal requirements and adhere to best practices.

  • Memberships in ISSA, IMPA, and BIMCO

    AVS proudly maintains memberships in esteemed organizations like ISSA, IMPA, and BIMCO, reflecting our commitment to industry collaboration and excellence. Through our memberships in ISSA, IMPA, and BIMCO, we stay updated on industry trends and standards to better serve our clients and partners.

  • Evaluation of Performance Metrics

    We regularly assess performance metrics to maintain the highest standards of service quality and efficiency. By evaluating performance metrics, we continuously strive for improvement and excellence in our operations, ensuring client satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Standards

AVS’s holistic approach to catering management

  • Assistance from Ashore to Ensure Wellbeing Onboard

    We provide guidance and implement campaigns to ensure onboard tasks and galley management falls in line with MLC 2006 regulations for nutrition, food safety, and hygiene. Our comprehensive support includes briefings, debriefings, regular onboard visits, distributing handbooks, hosting webinars, and distributing newsletters to enhance crew awareness and standards.

  • Training and Development

    Our training programs, held in ashore in Istanbul and Manila, and remotely, enhance the culinary skills of our cooks onboard each vessel. We monitor their performance to ensure adherence to our culinary standards, provide ongoing upskilling, and offer motivational incentives. Our culinary consultancy integrates crew feedback to refine our cooks’ competencies.

  • Budget Optimization & Sustainability

    We optimize supply chain operations with strategic purchasing to meet our quality expectations and ensure sustainability. Our approach includes meticulous consumption control, innovative food portion management, and minimizing food waste through creative ingredient use.

  • Culturally Appropriate Recipes and Menu Development

    We develop menus that respect the budget, cultural, religious, and regional trading requirements of the vessel crew, prioritizing fresh, non-GMO ingredients to ensure health and satisfaction.

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