AVS Coordination & Logistic Department is fully integrated and coordinates with all of our departments; processing orders for Global Ship Supply, Offshore Supplies and Technical Stores Management to benefit the requirements of our clients.

We not only arrange transportation and ship-to-transit, but also organize warehousing facilities, customs formalities and clearance; including but not limited to customs transit procedures both in Turkey and throughout the world in line with territorial regulations.

AVS Coordination & Logistics is well known due to our extensive experience in the sector to solve all matters as fast as possible knowing the importance of time.

AVS Coordination & Logistics skillfully predict all requirements and cases beforehand to prepare all prerequisite documents and shipments accordingly.

As AVS, we serve ship owners, ship managers and charterers with full ship chandling and technical stores on a global scale at 120 ports and locations.

Constant information flow prior and during operations will keep you informed in regards to updated regulations which avoid loss of time and expense.

We are delighted that our reputation of providing high quality – professional services is recognized throughout various industries and together with our long-standing prominence is known for:

  • Customer-focused
  • On-time delivery
  • Tight planning and accuracy
  • Instant notifications from departure to delivery
  • Instant notifications for Updated Customs Regulations