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AVS: The Largest Ship Supplier & Ship Chandler in Turkey

Turkey's strategic location, bridging the East and West and being a pivotal point on maritime routes, means that AVS's services in Turkey are in perfect harmony with the quality and scope of services offered globally. Our clients can benefit from AVS's extensive range of services and strong supply chain at any port in Turkey, just as they would anywhere in the world.

Given Turkey's strategic position and its significance in the maritime sector, AVS Global Supply is proud to offer comprehensive ship supply services not only in Turkey but across more than 1500 ports worldwide. With our industry experience dating back to 1985, we are dedicated to developing fast and reliable solutions for all your needs.

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Our Services

Global Ship Supply

We provide ship supply services in Turkey and 126 countries worldwide, across 1500 ports. Our offerings include technical materials, provisions, deck and engine stores, electrical items, medical supplies, safety equipment, nautical charts & publications, marine chemicals, and much more.

Catering and Provisions Supply

We offer professional catering services to over 200 ships, enhancing crew morale with high-quality food solutions. Adhering to MLC 2006 standards, we prepare healthy and balanced diets tailored to the crew's nationality.

Technical Stores Supply

We supply contracted technical materials to foreign-flagged ships, providing quality products within budget. Through our Tuzla branch in Turkey, we also serve ships and shipyards with technical material services.

Logistics Services

We offer comprehensive customs clearance, storage, and logistics services for ship spare parts in transit. Our global scale full ship chandlery and technical stores services ensure timely delivery and excellent customer service.

Education Services

Through Ekol Maritime Training Center, we train international seafarers for the maritime sector. Our education center is equipped with simulators, laboratories, and workshops designed to meet the industry's needs.

Why AVS?

  • Strong Network and Purchasing Power: Our global supplier network and the international purchasing power we pass directly to our customers enable cost-effective solutions.
  • Quality and Rapid Service: Our 24/7 support and constant communication with customers and suppliers across different time zones ensure the maintenance of our service quality.
  • Flexible Solutions: Our capacity to respond quickly to urgent supply requests allows us to offer flexible solutions tailored to our customers' needs.
  • Contact Us

    For more information about our ship supply services in Turkey and worldwide, please get in touch. Our customer service representatives are eager to connect with you and provide solutions tailored to your needs.

    Ports We Serve in Turkey

    Port Location
    Akçansa Ship Supply 39°52'50" N / 26°08'58" E
    Aliağa Ship Supply 38°49'29" N / 26°57'15" E
    Ambarlı Ship Supply 40°57'35" N / 28°40'24" E
    Antalya Ship Supply 36°49'15" N / 30°36'36" E
    Autoport Ship Supply 40°43'44" N / 29°51'25" E
    Bandırma Ship Supply 40°22'07" N / 27°57'17" E
    Ceyhan Ship Supply 36°54'17" N / 35°59'06" E
    Çanakkale Ship Supply 40°10'16" N / 26°22'59" E
    Derince Ship Supply 40°44'58" N / 29°50'00" E
    Ereğli Ship Supply 41°16'42" N / 31°24'08" E
    Gemlik Ship Supply 40°24'57" N / 29°04'50" E
    Güllük Ship Supply 37°14'01" N / 27°35'10" E
    Hopa Ship Supply 41°24'48" N / 41°25'16" E
    İçdaş Karabiga Ship Supply 40°27'05" N /27°08'23" E
    İskenderun Ship Supply 36°35'53" N / 36°11'00" E
    İzmir Ship Supply 38°26'53" N / 27°09'07" E
    Kuşadası Ship Supply 37°51'27" N / 27°11'28" E
    Limaş Ship Supply 40°43'06" N / 29°53'09" E
    Marmara Ereğlisi Ship Supply 40°58'47" N / 27°58'50" E
    Mersin Ship Supply 36°47'36" N / 34°38'19" E
    Nemport Ship Supply 38°46'08" N / 26°55'23" E
    Rize Ship Supply 41°04'08" N / 40°29'44" E
    Samsun Ship Supply 41°19'38" N / 36°23'32" E
    Sinop Ship Supply 42°02'10" N / 35°09'03" E
    Tekirdağ Ship Supply 40°57'43" N / 27°30'32" E
    Trabzon Ship Supply 41°02'39" N / 39°44'05" E
    Zonguldak Ship Supply 41°27'39" N / 31°46'49" E

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