At the source of our business model is our belief in a rapidly globalizing world with no boundaries. We know that seafarers have no boundaries in their minds. Their aim is always to reach more ports and explore new business opportunities in different seas. This vision that is at the very heart of seafaring, was on our horizon when we established our business model.

We have gained a lot of experience by being active on several different areas of the maritime industry over the years and we try to reflect these experiences in our commercial standpoint. We have created a service network based on mutual trust and we offer this network to ship owners and ship managers as an asset.

The effect that both the structure of our business model and our organizational innovation have on our service quality is quite clear. We make serious investments into the most up-to-date information technologies. This helps us stay in touch with suppliers and clients on different time zones and makes it possible for us to maintain the success of our service quality for the sake of our operations.

Our trading initiatives on the other hand, have created opportunities for people from different parts of the world to meet each other. We serve our clients on numerous ports around the globe and add a new link to our network every day, raising our global project to new heights.

In this world of no borders or limitations, we are ready to meet you and serve you, at every port your vessels call at.


Abdülvahit Şimşek